What is the TERM Particle Barrier

  • Block termites from entering houses - TERM Particle Barrier consists of exactly sized quartz particles. When foraging termites approach this barrier, they cannot penetrate it. The particles are too large for termites to move away, and spaces between the particles are too small for termites to climb through. Once termites find that they can't penetrate the barrier to reach the face of the foundation, they give up and go else where.
  • Non-chemical termite control - TERM Particle Barrier is a 100% natural method of termite control. Polyguard's facility is registered with the EPA, who regulates pesticides. EPA categorizes the TERM Barrier as a device, and not as a pesticides.
  • Proven results - This type of barrier has been used for decades in many parts of the world, but has not been available in the mainland US or Texas until recent. TERM Particles Barrier has been successfully installed on a number of Houston and Galveston area test structures since 2005. The Department of Urban Entomology at University of Texas A&M has tested the methods. See the report of the test results.

How Do We Install the Non-pesticide Termite Barrier

No chemicals are used during the installation.

Step one: Dig a 4" x 4" trench around the perimeter of your home.

Step two: Clean vertical concrete face. Scrap off dirt and use horse to clean surface.

Step Three: Pour Particle Barrier to into 4" x 4" trench.

watch the application video.

TERM Particle Barrier must be inspected by your licensed Pest Management Professional at lease one a year to make user that barrier has not been breached by pets, landscaping construction, or other causes.


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