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Two Mosquito Species That You Must Know

There are about 170 different mosquito species in United States and two of them spread diseases.   They are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.  Contact Sunnystate Pest Control Brisbane if any of these two species are around your home so … read more »

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Summer Pest Prevention–keep ticks and mosquitos from bitting

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Reminders for your protection from summer bugs on summer Solstice of 2013. Summer Pest Prevention How to Keep the Ticks and Mosquitoes at Bay Summer has arrived. And while people relish in the warm weather and sights and smells of … read more »

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Fun with Bugs

Cockroaches can live for several weeks after having their heads chopped off. If you cut their heads off, very often their necks would seal off just by clotting, there’s no uncontrolled bleeding. The roach brain does not control this breathing … read more »

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