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Does Frigid Weather Kill Insect Pests?

Does Frigid Weather Kill Insect Pests? NO! Fridged weather Does Not Reduce Pest Population Some Insect Species hibernate. Others Thrive Indoors with Us. The bone-chilling weather around the northeast and much of the nation does not mean that insect pests … read more »

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Dragon Fly

I walked out of my house this morning to be bewildered  over this strange  ancient creature on the side of my house. It was a Dragonfly.  Not only beautiful, Dragonflies are a very important part of our Eco-system.   There are some 5680 different species of dragonflies are known … read more »

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How cool is this.?

A cabbage hiring wasp hitmen to protect it from a butterfly invasion sounds like the premise of a deranged children’s movie. But new research shows something like that actually might happen in nature. Plants give off a range of chemical distress … read more »

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