Essential oil-based insecticides provide effective Bed Bug Control

Good news for those who prefer low-toxic natural insecticides.   The latest study published the Journal of Economic Entomology by Changlu Wang’s lab at Rutgers University discovered that the plant oil based products may provide effective beg bug control in 10 days or you can also use services from sites as Emergency Pest Control to get help with this.

Bed bugs make their way into you home by hitching a ride on clothes, old furniture or boxes. Because they are so hard to spot, they can go undetected until the infestation reaches a sizable population. Early signs of an infestation include bites and small rust or brown colored stains on sheets or mattresses. Try getting Bed Bugs Treatment at your property to prevent a larger infestation.

These two do-it-yourself beg bug control products provide 90-100% control of beg bugs. However, this method may become a bit expensive after a while if the bed bugs keep coming back, that’s when you should start to think does renters insurance cover bed bugs? This question can save you from a lot of expenses.

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1. EcoRaider™ (1% geraniol, 1% cedar extract, and 2% sodium lauryl sulfate) provided 100% control of bed bug nymphs after 10 days.

Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer 1 Gallon, 100% Environmentally Friendly, Family & Pet Safe Bed Bug Killer Formula. Guaranteed.2. The bed bug control (0.003% clove oil, 1% peppermint oil, and 1.3% sodium lauryl sulfate) provided 91-92 percent mortality after 10 days in two trials.

Next time you call for pest inspections in Brisbane, ask about these low-toxic natural insecticides.

Read more about the research – [Bed Bug Supplement] Natural Pesticides for Bed Bug Control: Do They Work?

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  1. Eric Blaise says:

    This is actually great news, but it will only provide a permanent solution if certain conditions are met. Remember that if you bet is over 8 years old, it might be time to replace it. Over that period of time, your bet is probably doubled its mass with dust balls, dead skin, oils, and other things which would deem it unsanitary for further use, and it is a bed bug magnet no matter what treatment you apply to it.

    Eric |

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