Invasion of brain eating insects
Scientist have discovered an insect (Tyrannos necrotizing sauros fasciitis,) in several western states. These insects works their way through the ear canal into its victims brain and starts to eat inward towards the center of the brain where it lays its eggs. Within days the person is paralyzed and then dead.
The insects started coming into the U.S. from S.E. Asia and are quickly making their way across the continent, leaving hundreds of citizens dropping on the ground in a zombie like state.
“We are alarmed at the rate in which this insect can eat its way into a person’s brain, leaving the person helpless,” Said Dr. Buggies McSquishy, who has his B.S. degree from some college.

Dr. Simon VonWiggles, escapee from The Athens Lunatic Asylum, specializing in psychotropic experimenting, told the United Nations Health Council, that cult  groups across the world were using a century old ceremonial practice of letting the bugs  (Tyrannos necrotizing sauros fasciitis) eat their victim’s  brains. Then the cult members would crush the prisoner’s skulls and then eat both bugs and remaining brain matter.

The World Health Organization president, Arnold Maybe’ Knows-a-lot, told the public, “that if you feel you might have had come into contact with this insect, Have a Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween from Blue Planet Pest Control. Austin TX.

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