Dragon Fly

I walked out of my house this morning to be bewildered  over this strange  ancient creature on the side of my house. It was a Dragonfly.  Not only beautiful, Dragonflies are a very important part of our Eco-system.


There are some 5680 different species of dragonflies are known in the world today.  Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, wasps, and very rarely butterflies.

Though dragonflies are predators, they themselves are subject to predation by birds, lizards, frogs , spiders, fish, water bugs, and even other large dragonflies.

Relative to other insects, dragonfly vision is extraordinarily good. The head consists almost entirely of two huge compound eyes, which gives the dragonfly nearly 360° vision. Each compound eye contains as many as 30,000 lenses. A dragonfly uses about 80% of its brain to process all this visual information. They can see a wider spectrum of color than humans.

Dragonflies are masters of flight. dragonflies are some of the fastest insects in the world.  The Southern Giant Darner dragonfly flies at nearly 60 miles per hour. But average  cruising speed of  a dragonfly is about  10 mph. Dragonflies can move each of their four wings independently. In addition to flapping each wing up and down, they can rotate their wings forward and back on an axis.  Dragonflies can move straight up or down, fly backwards, stop and hover, and make hairpin turns.

   A Romanian folk tale says that the dragonfly was once a horse possessed by the devil. Swedish folklore holds that the devil uses dragonflies to weigh people’s souls. They have also been used in traditional medicine in Japan and China. In some parts of the world they are a food source, eaten either as adults or larvae; in Indonesia, for example, they are caught on poles made sticky with birdlime, then fried in oil as a delicacy.

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