Are your Pest Control Operators licensed and certified?

Certified and LicensedChapter 1951 of the Texas Occupations Code (known as the Structural Pest Control Act) requires that all businesses and personnel who engage in the practice of pest control be licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture through its Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS).

A professional pest control company must obtain a business license to practice pest control, which includes having a licensed pesticide applicator on the staff. This license is obtained by taking a state exam.

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A certified commercial applicator is defined as the person who is responsible for providing training and direct supervision for pest inspections, identifications and control measures of a licensed business. This person may be a certified commercial applicator for only one business license location.

Licensed Applicators

  • Have held a technician license for at least six months and been employed with duties including pest control services under the supervision of a licensed certified applicator for at least 12 of the last 24 months;
  • Have a degree in a biological science and furnish an official copy of their college transcript; or
  • Have 12 months verifiable technical field experience in the past 24 months from another occupation. The applicant must submit a signed and notarized statement from their previous employer detailing technical field experience as it relates to pest control,
  • For noncommercial applicators only, complete a SPCS approved noncommercial applicator training course.

Licensed Technicians
A commercial technician is defined as the person who, under the direct supervision of a certified applicator, performs pest control services. A technician must be licensed for every business for which they are employed or for whom they perform pest control services, they should be as professional as the rodent control in honolulu team.

The applicant must first register as an apprentice and complete all apprentice training requirements before taking the exam for a technician license.

Apprentice Requirements
An apprentice may provide pest control services in the category for which training has been completed under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. This means that a certified applicator shall have personal contact at least three days per week.

SPCS will review the application and conduct a background review, if necessary. An apprentice card will then be issued for 12 months from date of hire.


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