I Hate House Flies

The most annoying flying inset is house flies. They are just everywhere. They are the only living things that I dare to kill and don’t feel guilty about it. I look up and find some tips to prevent house flies.

1. Seal the garbage bins/cans indoor and outdoor.
2. Clean up pet wastes immediately.
3. Wipe any food residues.
4. Use mesh screens on doors or windows.
5. Flies are attracted to bright light. They will stay on glass window during the day. It is the place I can easily to swat them with the fly swatter.

One interesting fact about house flies is that they don’t fly too far away from where they were born. They usually move within 1-2 miles in their short lifetime, 15-25 days Although, they have capability to migrate up to 20 miles if they are starving and looking for foods.

I found out that house flies taste foods with their feet, which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than human tongues.


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