Licensed and Insured Pest and Rodent Control Company in Texas

Blue Planet Pest Control is licensed and insured company in Texas and ready to help you take care of rodent prevention and infestation.

Blue Planet Pest Control applies ethical pest control considering the humaneness of control techniques. Non-chemical and chemical techniques are considered during developing the effective and lasting rodent control plan. Rodents have incredible smell, hearing, touch and taste senses. However, rodents have poor vision. They can't see beyond 3-4 feet and are color-blind. Taking advantage of their poor vision is one of the rodent control techniques.

Our rodent control technician seals entry points (cracks or holes) of the houses to prevent future infestation and/or trap and remove the rodents that could affect your healthy and safety, and/or damage your property.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your rodent control and exclusion.

*Entry Points Sealing for Rodent Proofing

rodent control - entry points sealing