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Rodent Proofing Your House

To escape the cold weather or extended periods of rain, Mice can find entry points into homes through almost any opening. Once mice and rats find their way into attics or basements, they can cause serious health problems and costly … read more »

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Big tooth Maple from Happy Customers

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Thanks to the tree experts, Mark and Lois @ coolfunkyplanet.com for supplying Blue Planet Pest Control with a Big tooth Maple tree. Thanks you, we will surely enjoy our Texas native tree.

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Bees Bees Please Go Away

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If you want to keep bees away, you can try the following methods by yourself.  If you have a bee colony that is potentially hazardous to your safety and it is necessary to get rid of them, call the professional … read more »

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Home Remedies for Ant Bites

One evening my neighbor came to our house to ask what she could use to treat fire ant bites.  Her husband was bitten by fire ants at their front yard.  His body was swelling and developed bumps and rashes due … read more »

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Naturally Get Rid of Ants

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Have ant hills in your yard and think about do the ant control by yourself.  Don’t leave it uncontrolled because ants could build nests in the foam roofing insulation.  It would be very costly to remove ant nests from the … read more »

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Does Frigid Weather Kill Insect Pests?

Does Frigid Weather Kill Insect Pests? NO! Fridged weather Does Not Reduce Pest Population Some Insect Species hibernate. Others Thrive Indoors with Us. The bone-chilling weather around the northeast and much of the nation does not mean that insect pests … read more »

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Unwanted visiters

Boxelder bugs, Autumn is here and Boxelder bugs will try to move into homes during fall as they search for overwintering sites, often in large numbers. Fortunately, they do not bite people and are essentially harmless to property. When abundant, … read more »

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I Hate House Flies

The most annoying flying inset is house flies. They are just everywhere. They are the only living things that I dare to kill and don’t feel guilty about it. I look up and find some tips to prevent house flies. … read more »

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West Nile Virus – Protection and Prevention

Signs and Systems of West Nile Virus Illness: West Nile Fever West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease  Clinical manifestation of West Nile Virus: Encephalitis Meningitis Asymmetric Flaccid Paralysis Definitive diagnosis is by laboratory testing –Peripheral Blood Testing for IgM EIA for West … read more »

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West Nile Virus

Hello Friends, With the scare of West Nile Virus in Texas, here’s a few tips on avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes. Dusk to Dawn: Try to stay inside from dusk to dawn, that’s when mosquitoes are most active. Dress: Wear light … read more »

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