Ten Top Pests that can hurt your home

The harmful pests affect the value of your home. According to a great Auckland pest control service, pest control is usually overlooked by home owners until a problem is discovered. Pests will be attracted to any location that can offer food, warmth or a place that can offer protection. As home owners, do you know the top ten insects that can affect the value of your homes, and is necessary to use services as this termite treatment inadelaide.

Here is the list complied by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.



  • 1. Termites
  • 2. Powderspost beetles
  • 3. Carpenter ants
  • 4. Rats and mice
  • 5. Squirrels
  • 6. Honey bees
  • 7. Indoor ants
  • 8. Fire ants
  • 9. German cockroaches
  • 10. Bed bugs

Good news for those who prefer low-toxic natural insecticides, contact powerpestcontrol.ca and get the best service you need for your property.   The latest study published the Journal of Economic Entomology by Changlu Wang’s lab at Rutgers University discovered that the plant oil based products may provide effective bed bug treatment control in 10 days or you can also use services from sites as Emergency Pest Control to get help with this.  These two do-it-yourself beg bug control products provide 90-100% control of beg bugs. For rats and mice control you will need to contact rat exterminator in Melbourne.

1. EcoRaider™ (1% geraniol, 1% cedar extract, and 2% sodium lauryl sulfate) provided 100% control of bed bug nymphs after 10 days.2. Bed Bug Patrol™ (0.003% clove oil, 1% peppermint oil, and 1.3% sodium lauryl sulfate) provided 91-92 percent mortality after 10 days in two trials.

Although if you ask the experts from On The Fly Pest Solutions is the best solution is to contact a reliable pest control company to do the job.

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