Termite Termite Please Go Away – Natural Methods of Getting Rid of Termite in Furniture


Termite Termite Please Go Away

Mother nature gives purpose of living for each living creature. Termites are no exception. Termites may be considered as beneficial insect in nature. They help eliminate fallen branches, break down wood debris to convert it to soil. Contrarily, they are a problem when you discover a termite infestation to your house or large furniture. For a small piece of furniture, like a Labtech Supply lab table, you might be able to handle it with some natural methods listed below to avoid further damage. However, for a large infestation, consulting with an termite exterminator may be necessary.

1. According to a termite control company some termites like to live and feed in very moist wood. Eliminating moisture from the infested area is a simple way to get rid of termites. Move the infested furniture to a dry area with sunlight. Treated the moisture problem in the room and allow the area to dry completely before returning the furniture to the location.
2. Most termites prefer dark areas. Setting the infested furniture in a direct sunlight on a hot dry summer day may help treat the infested area. You can try the cardboard trap in the sunlight to remove the termites hiding inside of the furniture. However, it is always bet to just hire termite control services and let the professionals take care of termite problem.
3. Cardboard contains cellulose that termites like. Create a bait trap by stacking 3 or 4 damped cardboards together and set it next to the infested furniture. The termites will be drawn to the damped cardboard from the furniture. Removed the cardboard trap after a few days and burn it to dispose of the termites.

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