Bees Bees Please Go Away

Natural way to remove beesIf you want to keep bees away, you can try the following methods by yourself.  If you have a bee colony that is potentially hazardous to your safety and it is necessary to get rid of them, call the professional to remove the bees.

Using baits  –

Bees are attracted to sweet.  You can use soda pop (7 Up, Sprite, Maintain Dew) or ripe and sweet fruits(pear or mango) as bait to detour the bees to somewhere else. Place the fruits in a un-waxed paper bag with the top open.  If you use soda pop, place the soda pop in a cup.   Leave the baits at the area where is around 10-20 feet from which you want to keep the bees away.   The sugary fragrance will attract the bees.  Wait a few days and

Set up a Trap –

Take a plastic soda bottle and cut the top off.  Place the top upside down into the bottom half of the soda bottle. Fill in 2-3 ozs of Mountain Dew at the bottom. The bees will go straight to it and leave you alone on your porch. Make a couple of them and empty and change pop once a week.

Bug Zapper –

place a bug strip near the hive.  The bees will get caught in the sticky material. You can also use electric bug zapper.  Place it at the entrance of the bee hive and turn it one in the night.  Bees will run into the zapper in the morning when they come out of the nest.

Bee Repellents (Preventive) –

  • Garlic powder: spray garlic powder around the area where bees have congregated.  Don’t spray garlic powder directly to bees.
  • Citronella candles: Burning citronella candles to infuse the outdoor area.  The citronella aroma will keep honeybees and bumblebees away.
  • Mothballs: hang some mothballs inside of pantyhose close to the bee nestt.

Vinegar mix –

Mix half vinegar and half water into a spray bottle.  Spray the nest  in the night when the bees are dormant.  Wear protective clothing, such as gloves, long pants, long sleeve shirt and a netting tossed over wide brimmed hat.   Also Spray the vinegar mix on the areas that the bees congregated.  Check the result and bee activity near the nest.  If the bees are still active, spray the mix again until no more bees around the nest and affected area. 
Soap detergent mix –

Mix half water and half soap detergent into a spray bottle.  Spray the nest and the affected areas with the soap detergent mix in the night like the Vinegar Mix.

Professional help –

Call Pest Control Company to remove bees from the affected areas and spray organic pesticides.

Call a beekeeper –

If you can find a bee keeper in your area, he/she may like to remove the bee hive from your property and take it back to his.

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