Safety Tips around Bees, Wasps or Hornets

Bee cross pollinatingI was helping my 6 year old son do his home work. One of the assignments is to discuss the safety tips when being near bees. Bees help cross-pollinate in spring time. We don’t want to disturb them, nor being stung by them. Practice the safety tips when you are near the bees.

Stay Still and Do Not Swat
According to Pest Control Exterminator Ajax, most bees and wasps will not sting unless they are startled or attacked. Do not swat at them or make fast movements. Just take a deep breath and stay calm. It’s just trying to determine if you are a flower or some other item useful to it, and once it realizes you’re just a person, it will fly away.

If you must, walk away slowly, or gently “blow” them away. The only exception is if you have disturbed a nest and hear “wild” buzzing. Protect your face with you hands and run from the area immediately.

Dos and Don’ts
Wear light colored clothes such as khakis, beige, or blue. Avoid brightly colored  patterned, or black clothing. Tie back long hair to avoid bees or wasps from getting entangled in your hair.

Be careful when shaking out clothing or towels as the insects could be inside the folds.
If you find a bee or wasp in your car, take a thick cloth and cover the insect before it gets frightened. Carefully, let the insect back outside through an open window. Immediately contact Pest Control Boston King if you find the nuisance of bees increasing every day in and around your home.

Do not wear perfumes, colognes, scented soaps, or powders as they contain fragrances that are attractive.

Do not go barefoot or wear sandals, especially in areas where there is clover or other flowering plants that attract bees.

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