Naturally Get Rid of Ants

Keep Ants away from your housesHave ant hills in your yard and think about do the ant control by yourself.  Don’t leave it uncontrolled because ants could build nests in the foam roofing insulation, they could even damage your outdoor blinds Melbourne.  It would be very costly to remove ant nests from the insulation.  Try these cheap options.  If you are too busy or none of the cheap options work,  call professionals to help.

1. Pour hot boiling water into the ant hills. Make sure that you drawn the ants.
2. Spread cornstarch over the anthills.  Ants will carry it back to the nest.  They can’t digest cornstarch and it will kill them.
3. Spread corn meal over the ant hills.  It works like cornstarch.
4. If you have baby power, you can sprinkle baby power in lieu of cornstarch.
5. You can also use Cayenne pepper!

Stop ants from coming inside.  Try the organic and cheap pest control methods:

1. Sprinkle Borax powder around the entrances where ants come in.
2. Baby powder works as well.  Ants don’t like to crawl over baby powder.
3. Place cucumber peels or bay leaves over the cracks or the doorways where ants enter the house.
4. Spread vinegar or mixture of the tea tree oil and vinegar around the doorways or window sills where ants may come in.
5. Seal all the entrance holes that you can find using silicone caulk, putty, glue or plaster.

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