Creepy myths about bugs


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Myths and exaggeration surrounding animals are common, particularly when it comes to the ‘creepy crawlies’ such as spiders, insects, and snakes. Often their abilities are overstated or behaviors are simply ‘invented’ which cause people to fear or loathe them. Jordan Larson of Custom Bed Bug says that throwing away contaminated furniture is usually not enough to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

In the insect world, one of the best myths surrounds the earwig. It apparently crawls into our ears to feast upon our brains while we sleep! Well, this could not be further from the truth, but still, it can be dangerous in other ways, so make sure to learn how to treat bed bug infestations

Earwigs are omnivores – they will eat both plant and animal material – however, humans are not on the menu. Many species of earwig are particularly partial to pollen, and can be commonly seen at night moving from flower to flower to feed, the pest control in essex county nj can help you get them out if they are really bothering you. As such, they play important roles as pollinators alongside bees, albeit doing the night shift! Earwigs are also scavengers and feed on all sorts of bits and pieces, including cleaning up the mini-carcasses of dead insects. Some earwigs are predators and use the pincers at the end of their bodies to capture small insects. Despite their fearsome appearance, earwigs are completely harmless. Since they are not venomous in any way, the worst they can do is give you a weak pinch – and even doing that is quite difficult for many species. #1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Raleigh NC! Control-Removal-Treatments! helps you to keep your property bug free.

Many other animals enjoy earwigs as part of their diet. Frogs, lizards, spiders, praying mantids, ants, and some birds feed on earwigs regularly, and hence earwigs play an important role in food chains

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